What Is The Most Popular Color For a Kitchen


What is the most popular color for a kitchen?. A very important question. Because kitchen color is one of the most important elements to creates a beautiful kitchen in your dream house.

Especially kitchen cabinets color, kitchen color walls and kitchen color paint that is 3 elements that can affect the overall atmosphere of the kitchen.

So knowing the most popular color for a kitchen can give you ideas to creates kitchen color schemas with different color islands.

That good news for you, in this article you can found many kitchen color ideas because I will give you 50 best kitchen paint, walls, and cabinets color.

Here Best Color To Paint A Kitchen


1. Pink, Red, And White Kitchen

kitchen color

The combination of pink, red and white gives a romantic feel in your kitchen, for newlyweds, this is the best color choice for creating a dream home

Moreover, supported by a good design, it will definitely make the atmosphere of the kitchen more comfortable to do every day activities

like the picture above

Very beautiful and comfortable right?

2. Kitchen With White And Grey Color

kitchen colors

white color illustrates freedom and creates a natural feel in your kitchen

white color also creates a sense of peace and not boring because it can blend with every color of your kitchen utensils

Although it requires more care, of course

but the white color is still one of the best color choices for your kitchen

3. The Beuatiful Kitchen With White Color

kitchen color ideas

 the next popular kitchen color is Still with white kitchen.
 combined with granite countertops increasingly look luxurious and comfortable whithout losing the natural impression.

 4. Kitchen With Kitsch Color

kitchen color idea

Kitch Color is very briliant kitchen color ideas because still very rarely use this color

Look at the picture about !

Kitcsh color  give a modern impression of the market which is actually simple.

5.Kitchen White Color With Dark Blue Tiling

kitchen colour ideas  the combination of white and dark blue tiling makes the kitchen look brighter especially if the color of the kitchen cabinets is also in harmony with the ceiling and floor.

This combination is also very suitable for a minimalist kitchen so it looks wider so don’t be afraid to drop the color of your kitchen to this color.

6. Kitchen White Color With Bar Stools

kitchen color trends

for those of you who want to have a different kitchen look, white kitchen with bar stools is the right choice because it looks so unique that you won’t find it in any kitchen

7. Orange Kitchen 

kitchen color 2019

Orange is one of the colors that are often found in modern-minimalist home designs. Whether it’s as the main color or as a decorative element.

This color has the impression of a familiar, young, creative, and dynamic so as to provide a psychological effect on friendship and warmth. In addition, the color orange can also provoke appetite, that’s why this color is often used to design kitchen sets in the kitchen.

 8. Kitchen With Beige Color

kitchen color for 2019

Beige is a color that feels soft, calm, and light and is easily combined with other colors

Many use this color to create warmth in the kitchen which can sometimes be a relaxing suggestion with family

9. Black And White Kitchen Color

This combination of kitchen paint colors can be considered a classic, utilizing black on kitchen kitchen sets and white on walls and countertops to create a small kitchen with a monochrome theme.

Although the kitchen is fairly small, an important point to consider when applying this kitchen paint color combination is adequate room lighting from the window and the lighting of the room itself. Thanks to the bright light in the kitchen at any time, the color of black kitchen paint on the kitchen set will not seem too dark so the room seems more spacious.

10. Metalic Black Kitchen Color

kitchen color design

Metallic color trends in the kitchen turned out to have spread and entered the world of interior design. The use of black and white metallic colors as kitchen colors will give a formal, minimalist, and modern impression.

Kitchen Cabinets Color


1. Green Kitchen Cabinets Color

kitchen color cabinets

  green represents a very natural element, change, and growth The use of the right shades of green will change the overall atmosphere and mood in your kitchen

So the green kitchen cabinest is one of the right color choices for those of you who want comfort in your kitchen

2. White Kitchen Cabinets Color

color cabinets for kitchen

  white kitchen cabinets can enhance the appearance of your kitchen and can give a feel of modernity.

Some things that can be provided by white kitchen cabinets include giving a neutral impression whatever the color of the kitchen wall you choose

3. Hardwoods Kitchen Cabinets Color

color cabinets in kitchen

  wood kitchen cabinets provide natural colors that are environmentally friendly because there is no need to use paint from chemicals

Wood kitchen cabinets also make the kitchen fresher like outside the room and easily integrated with any type of kitchen Countertops

4. Red Kitchen Cabinets Color

color for kitchen cabinets

  Warm kitchen paint colors like red are believed to stimulate appetite. No wonder many restaurants use red as their logo color.

The red kitchen paint colors can be combined with kitchen utensils and appliances in a neutral color to balance the bright red color. Do not use colors that are too bright because it can interfere with concentration while cooking

Likewise with the red color in the kitchen cabinet exudes a sense of enthusiasm every time you want to cook

5. Blue Color Kitchen Cabinets

  Blue is identical to the new and fresh surge. When choosing blue as the color of kitchen paint, we suggest choosing a lighter blue color that is more calm so that cooking activities are more cool and relaxed.

You can also use a dark blue kitchen paint, but choose one that isn’t too dark because it will ruin the atmosphere in the kitchen.

Or, you can also mix colors with blue kitchen paint with neutral accents, such as white, beige or pale gray like the color of the kitchen cabinet in the picture above

6. Kitchen Cabinets Color Silver

kitchen color cabines ideas

  The silver is very similar to the luxurious colors, so the silver color in the kitchen cabinets can add a luxurious effect to your kitchen

Kitchen Cabinets Color Silver also makes the kitchen a modern and timeless trend

7. Black Kitchen Cabinets Color

best color for kitchen cabinets

 Black Kitchen Cabinets Color is suitable for all types of kitchens and easy to combine with the color of the kitchen wall

8.Kitchen Cabinets Yellow Color

color kitchen cabinets popular

  Who doesn’t want to have a happy kitchen paint color? Try the yellow kitchen paint color that is synonymous with happiness.

Because the color of this kitchen paint is relatively bright and intense, it’s a good idea to use yellow kitchen paint colors combined with a neutral color.

for you with a kitchen room that is not too large, yellow kitchen paint colors can be a solution for a kitchen that looks more dynamic.

9. Kitchen Cabinets Yellow And White

popular color for kitchen cabinets

  the combination of yellow and white in the kitchen cabinet makes the kitchen more lively and bright

10. Dark Red Kitchen Cabinets Color

kitchen color cabinets combination

The red kitchen cabinet color is a very popular color for kitchen cabinets especially dark red because it makes the kitchen more pleasant to look at

The Most Popular Of Kitchen Color Walls

1. Kitchen Yellow Walls

kitchen color walls

 In nature, yellow represents the sun and its illuminating light. Philosophically, this color depicts something inspiring, makes our soul open and moves something that was previously silent

 that means by choosing the color yellow for the kitchen wall it will make our kitchen more cheerful like the sun

2. Kitchen Green Walls With Tile

color for kitchen walls

 The blue color is closely related to the ocean and the sky, so the meaning of the color blue is often associated with open space, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansion, inspiration and sensitivity. The blue color also symbolizes depth, trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, destiny, heaven and intelligence.

So choosing blue for the kitchen wall is very good to create a positive aura to our body and mind

3. Kitchen Grey Walls

bes color for kitchen walls

 Gray Is a wise color, maturity, not selfish, calm and balanced So it is suitable to be made in the color of your kitchen wall

4. Kitchen Red Walls

Red is often described as something warm, uplifting, and intense. The red color is often seen as an attractive and even aggressive color,

but can also arouse feelings of love and comfort. Red is often used to attract attention, especially in advertisements and traffic signs.

look at this philosophy of course the red color is perfect for the color of the kitchen walls and can to create a harmonious home atmosphere

5. Pink Kitchen Walls

color ideas for kitchen walls

 pink kitchen wall color is perfect for those of you who want to display a romantic atmosphere in the kitchen

6. Kitchen Green Walls

color kitchen walls ideas

 From a philosophical point of view, green is often portrayed as being steadfast in undergoing suffering, strong desires and being a picture of hardness of heart.

This color naturally becomes a symbol of fertility, and the day of life

7. Kitchen Grey Blue Color

good color for kitchen walls
Image From :http://img.baneproject.com
 gray and blue color give it a very nice color

Kitchen Color Paint

1. Kitchen Color Paint ( Light Gray)

kitchen color paint

2. Kitchen Color Paint (Blue And White)

kitchen paint colors

3. Kitchen Color Paint ( Bright Yellow )

kitchen paint colour ideas

4. Kitchen Color Paint ( Black, White, Red )

kitchen paint color with white cabinets

5. Kitchen Color Paint ( Dark Blue)

kitchen color paint ideas

 6. Kitchen Color Paint (Dark Green )

Another Kitchen Color Ideas

kitchen color ideas
kitchen color ideas
kitchen color decor

kitchen color design

kitchen color tile

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