How to Seal Granite Countertops And How Often I Should Do It


Are you don’t understand how to seal granite countertops? and how often should  you seal granite countertops ini your house.

You are not alone, Because any another homeowner who questioned this is, and many feel worried when granite needs to be resealed

the goods news fo you, in this reason you will find a way to sealing granite countertops regulary for protects the granite for stain, etches and other demage.

Here Step by step you should take before sealing the granite countertops

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1.know when granite needs to be resealed

 I searching in google, and I found the ask like :

Does granite need to be sealed every 6 months?

How long does granite sealer last?

When should you reseal granite does granite sealer last?
You shuold know, for teh resealed the granite not time dependent but it depends on frequently in your kitchen and use the countertops daily.

And for that

You can test yout granite countertops with drop a few droplets of plain water into the granite and watch to see, what happens over the next five minutes.

If the water remains, the sealan is still protecting the granite.

But if you looks the droplets gone because they absorbed into the granite, It is time to reseal your granite countertops.

isn’t it easy?

2. Remove All Everything From The Countertops Before Do It Resealing

Remove everything from the countertops before do it resealing an very impatant so as not to interfere when doing resealing and can get maximum results

3. Clean The Granite Countertops


After teh surface of granite countertops is clean of everything, it’s time to cleaning your granite countertops  use the best sealer for granite like

 “Tenax Hydrex Impregnating Stone Sealer”, “granite gold dialy cleaner”, ” Suprame Surface Granite And Quartz  Cleaner, etc.

You can get it ini amazon, or another online shop and marketplace.

this is the features to look in your selaer choice :
  • Dries quickly 
  • Usable for all stone surfaces
  • Does not damage the color

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4. Make sure you avoid using common household cleaners and abrasives 


Using common household cleaners and abraives Can break down the seal and cause damage that is expensive to repair.

So Avoid it !!

5. Use The Sealer Propearly

It is important to use the sealer properly for a good result.

which must be considered here is. After you clean the granite countertops, make sure the countertop to dry before proceeding.

After completely dry, use a dry cloth to apply the sealer and then Allow the first coat to dry for ten minutes, and apply a second coat. and finished.

But wait a day before preparing  anything on the countertop, because  The full repellant effect is achieved within 24 hours

What is the best sealer for granite?

Here recommendation for me

Suprame Surface Granite And Quartz, Cleaner, Polish And Selaer With ioSeal Protectants

  • Simple to use
  • Free alcohol, Ammonia 
  • No Hars Chemicals 
  • Enverinmontally Freindly  

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