How To Clean Quartzite Counterstops


Many of people wondering how to clean quartzite counters.

It is reasonable!.

Because to keeping quartzite countertops still looking beautiful for Many years to come, Needed correctly cleaning method

 so don’t be surprised if someone asks how to clean quartzite counters because they want to be sure the quartzite counters well maintained.

And good news for you.

In this article, you can find a guide on how to clean the quartz counter correctly.
here’s is the best way to clean quartzite countertops:

1.  Know About Your Quartzite Countertops

How To Clean Quartzite Counterstops

Before you can clean your quartzite countertops correctly, Off course you should know the pros and cons of the quartzite countertops, so that you can do the proper cleaning

Pros Of Quarziite :

  • Hight Resistant To UV rays

quarzite is very resistant to UV light so it doesn’t matter even if you use it as an out door kitchen

  • Easy To Cleaning

The surface of the quartzite table has no pores in its structure so that it is easy to clean and sanitize and reduces the risk of microbes accumulating on the table

  • Low Maintenance

Because quarzites are easy to clean automatically it’s very easy to take care of quarzites to keep them good. The only thing to consider is that you have to clean up spills quickly enough, but most of us do it anyway.

  • More Durable Surface

The quarzite surface is more durable than other natural stones so it means it won’t wear out or develop problems in the short term.

Cons Of Quarzite :

  • Can’t Stand High Heat

Extremely high heat can damage the surface of quarzite and fade colors. That means you will need pot holders or trivets when dealing with a pan or dish directly from the oven or stovetop

  •  Easily Scratched By Sharp Objects

although quarzite has a fairly hard material, but just like other natural stones are easily scratched by sharp objects

  • Needs To Be Sealed More Frequently For Some Types

There are quite a number of quartzite types. Some are harder and last longer and others are slightly softer. So that the sealing must be done more often than usual.

  2. Make Regular Cleaning

Once you know the pros and cons of quarzite, then you can do regular cleaning and We recommend you to using a non-acidic, low pH cleanser such as mild soap and water or stone-specific cleaners easily found at your local retailer

Perform regular cleaning every time there is a spill stain on the quartzite so that the stain does not absorb into the pore quartzite

3.  Do not use abrasives For Cleaner

Continuous use of abrasives can cause the surface of the Countertops to scratch and color to fade quickly, so stay away this use as much as possible in cleaning your quarzite countertops.

for stain removal like dried paint or nail polish use a plastic putty knife to remove it. One exception of a stain that is difficult to remove is permanent ink, so protect the surface when using Sharpies.

What is the best cleaner for quartzite countertops?

If you do your daily maintenance correctly, you don’t need special cleaners because all of these countertops (marble, granite and quartzite) can be cleaned with only 1 to 3 drops of dishwashing soap and a few cups of warm water, and good rinsing.

But for maximum result
You can use a Sprayway cleaner that does not contain ammonia or bleach which can be used to clean windows, marble, quartzite, tiles, painted wood. which you can buy on Amazon or other marketplaces.

Can you use Windex on quartzite?

I strongly discourage you from using chemical cleaners to clean your quarzite countertops. Chemical cleaners such as Windex, 409 and Simple Green will remove the sealer, so your surface is unprotected.

Before buying a quarzite cleaner, make sure you know that it is safe for a quarzite sealer

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