Eased Edge And Different Types Of Edges Of Countertops You Should Know


Choosing your countertops edge ( like Eased Edge ) May be Not important for some people because many consider countertops edge to not have an important function in daily activities in the kitchen.

there is nothing wrong about that because of course everyone has different opinions.

But believe me, if you want a good countertops display, you have to consider the countertops edge that you will choose because the countertops edges like eased edge will effect the point of view from what type of kitchen you choose .

for that it’s very important for you to know different types of countertos edges so youd don’t choose the wroong one later.

Types Of Countertops Edged You Should Know 

1. Eased Edge

Eased Edge

Eased edge is one of the most popular countertops edge most commonoly used because Eased edge gives granite surface as thick as possible. so that the angles are not too sharp with 90 degrees square edges loosened to make it safer and prevent damage.

Eased edge countertop also gives a simple and elegant appearance to countertops so it’s comfortable to use

2. Bullnose Edge

eased edge countertop

This countertop edge is ideal for a kitchen with small children, though,  because of the rounded edge on the bottom but  The edge is rounded from top to bottom making cleaning quite difficult since crumbs can stick to the curved edge

3. Demi Bullnose Edge 

eased edge granite

 One consideration when choosing demi bullnose edge is cleaning is easier than full bulnose edges

4. Square Edge

eased edge quartz

Don’t be fooled by the boring name of this table edge because square edges work in almost all design styles.

See the picture above

even the corner of the square edge is safer because it is made with small pieces, called kerf, which slightly softens the angle so it is safer for impact

5. Beveled Edge

eased edge quartz countertop

The corner edge of the beveled edge is very smooth. which usually has a standard 45 degree angle. which can adjust the angle and width of the bevel edge.

For example, you can do angles of 10, 35, 56 degrees and width anywhere from 0.25 “to 15” depending on the material.

This certainly will provide design flexibility and can improve the appearance of your kitchen design

6. Mitered Edge

eased edge profile

A mitered edge works when you would like the appearance of a thicker countertop, waterfall island, or custom trough sink

7. Dupont Edge

eased edge baseboard

8. Frence Cove Edge

eased edge marble

9. Ogee Edge

eased edge pool coping

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