Best Countertop Materials For Kitchens You Should Know


If you ask what are the best kitchen countertops? the answer is depending on the materials countertops use. Because the countertop material you use will greatly affect the appearance of your kitchen.

Therefore very important you to use the best countertop materials for kitchen that many people have tested, So you are not a wrong choice and can adjust to your taste.

And for that, here the best types of countertops materials for kitchens you should know to make a nice kitchen in your homes.

15 Best Countertop Materials For Kitchens

 1. Laminate Countertop 

best countertop materials
If we want to talk about the best countertop materials. Laminate countertop is the best and one of the most popular options for many kitchens in the word because they are price affordable.
A countertop laminate is also known as a tough and durable material because its surface is plastic and contains hard particleboard cores inside.
A lot of displays are made imitating the look of more expensive materials such as granite and marble.

So this is the way out for those of you who want an attractive look at a much cheaper price.

2. Marble Materials (Best material for countertops)

Much saying marble is the most beautiful and elegance edition of the countertop because of their ability to turn an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary because of the radiance effect of marble.
You can see from  the example image below :
countertop materials for kitchens
 It’s amazing isn’t it

3. Granite Materials Countertops

Granite is a natural stone with incredible power combined with beautiful and classical colors.

Then it’s no wonder that granite countertops are some of the most elegant countertops still available.

The following advantages and disadvantages of granite countertops :
what are the best kitchen countertops
Granite countertops advantages
  • The most beautiful countertops material
  •  Resistant to scratches and heat-induced damage
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly
 Granite Countertops Disadvantages
  • Improper sealing can lead to a porous granite-stone color
  • The angle of the stone can break if there are heavy objects falling on it

4. Quartz Countertops

countertop options for kitchens

One of the most appealing from the featured of quartz material is they are available in many colors and a high-quality surface composed of 94% Natural quartz so that stain-resistant and easy to clean.

Additionally, a quartz countertop is a very hard surface while resistant to scratches and there is no porous so resistant to bacteria and stain.

How to display of quartz?

You don’t need to ask anymore because quartz countertops are very beautiful and ideal to create a kitchen that stands out.

5. Recycle Glass Countertop 

The process of making a recycled glass countertop is similar to how quartz countertops are made that is by combining crushed glass chips which are obtained from a variety of sources like recycling programs for beer bottles  into a cement-based matrix with exact ratio 80% of glass and 20% of binder.

And the following results

countertop material types

 Very beautiful right?

So if you want to create atractive kitchen, don’t hesitate to use recycled glass materials.

6. Stainless Steel Materials Countertop

best material for kitchen countertops

If we talk obout best countertops material don’t forget to stainless stell materials


Because the stainless steel material are very stronger material and heat resistant combine with elegant beauty color that can blend into any almost any kitchen with lighting and fixtures.

7. Concreate Countertop

best material for countertops

Councreat countertop is one of new comer of the kitchen design that is worth considering
Because concreate countertop is very strong, very durable and hard and not easy peeled of.

additionaly Instaliing concreat countertop in your home can be infuse your home with a rustic feel that is at once trendy.

8.Solid Surface Countertop

best kitchen counter material

As the name suggests, Solid surface countertop made from a slod composite matrerial so they are very durable countertop for your kitchen.

Solid countertop also available in over different colors, and many solid surface on the market are created like granit and another natural material ingredients.

9.Resin Countertop

types of kitchen countertops material

Resin Countertop are the countertop are crafted from a synthetic meterial used in a wide variety of applications like arcylic and polyester resin. and Can be ordered for unique kitchen design.

very suitable for those of you who want an attractive and durable kitchen appearance.

10.Tile Countertop

types of kitchen countertop materials

Tile countertop material are include ceramic because tile material are made from pressed clays usually are installed on tof of pollywood a mortar bed or cement board it comes in a nearly–endless variety of style, color, size and shapes.

so countertops are very suitable for those of you who want a more diverse color and not boring.

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